New Hire Mortgage Loan Officer OR Experienced Senior Loan Officers – Quick Start Program

Learn how to optimize your profile, make sure it’s compliant, create PROSPECT lists, convert prospects to business referral partners, and generate more leads and loan applications in 1 hour!

I was a licensed loan officer – so I understand all of the regulatory issues with “social media marketing” – and concerns that mortgage bankers have when it comes to “electronic advertising” …and using Linkedin to help you grow your business!

Starting in 2009 for 7 years, I worked with the CEO, President, Chief Compliance Officer, Marketing, Legal, Training Coaches and branch managers of a $3 billion+ year private mortgage banker to develop the “social media marketing” policies, procedures, training, “best practices” and oversight of over 300 Loan Officers. During this time period, I supervised and monitored the activities of both NEW HIRES as well as seasoned mortgage professionals who were using social media channels such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ to market the company, products, and services.

As a 20+ year sales professional, I also know what works in terms of messaging and effectiveness to connect with BOTH B2C and B2B prospects, customers, and business referral partners on a consistent basis.

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    • (Special emphasis is placed on Loan Officer Compliance, RESPA, Reg Z, UDAP, Fair Housing, etc.)
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