Linkedin Profile Tune Up!

This PRIVATE 60 minute fully customized “one on one” profile review uses a desktop sharing application to view your Linkedin Account and guide you through the top Linkedin updates and changes.

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Need more time? Many people will then schedule additional follow up sessions to learn new steps and techniques – to maximize their profile and generate more leads and business referrals.

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LinkedIn 60 minute webinar

Available September 2020

Tips, tricks, and techniques for real estate and lending professionals covering the best practices to turn Linkedin into a “business referral engine”. We will discuss the most recent changes to the platform, and how to take advantage of these changes.

LinkedIn Recruiting Webinar

Available September 2020

Recruiting tips, tricks, and techniques for real estate and lending professionals. What works and what doesn’t – you will learn how to “get introduced” with an 84% success rate. How to build prospect lists – and effectively connect with your network AND LinkedIn Groups – to target top producers.


Online desktop sharing made simple!

Fast, free, simple and easy desktop sharing via!  From any laptop or PC – you will receive a meeting notice for your calendar and a link to download and join the meeting. Call via your mobile phone (hands-free speakerphone preferred – or use the built-in audio controls using the microphone and speakers on your computer.)

After viewing my Linkedin account (my desktop) – I will send the controls over to you so I can view your computer desktop and Linkedin Account.  At this point – I can guide you thru the changes and updates – fully customized based on your interests and markets.  All at your pace – based on your skill level.

Linkedin Essentials Instructor - Chip Leakas Linkedin Essentials Instructor – Chip Leakas

Video Conferencing is simple!

Since 2010 – I have used web conferencing (desktop sharing) to train many new hires – typically several a week.  I would fully customize a 1-hour training session to get people quickly up to speed on how to maximize their social media accounts and profile.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or even advanced user – this is the most effective way to make changes and learn social media marketing “best practices”.  Based on your markets, your interests, your contacts, and connections – the training is fully customized for you. Ask questions at any time – and quickly learn how to make the changes or accomplish your goals and objectives.

Zoom Control Panel

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Schedule a Linkedin “TUNE UP” – (1 hour for $50.00)

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Custom Linkedin business development coaching is suitable for everyone from the beginners to advanced Linkedin users.

You will receive an email confirmation of your booking when you fill out the form. This email includes a link to each session to view your desktop. You can easily add the event to your calendar and include a reminder! Have questions – send us an email using the contact form.

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Schedule Appointment NOW!