Are you using these simple steps to increase business using Linkedin?

  • LinkedIn is a powerful FREE search engine for sales prospects – it’s all about BUSINESS HERE!

LinkedIn is essentially a search engine for sales prospects. Because it sorts, saves and categorizes every single piece of data its 500+ MILLION members share on the platform (from job titles to physical locations, to employers, to schools, to status updates) you can leverage that data to find your ideal prospects on the network.

  • LinkedIn is most effective when it’s personalized, therefore, 1-on-1 marketing is key

DO NOT SPAM people (interruption marketing) with your sales message!  Your goal is to make a friend FIRST! Try and treat each new connection you make on LinkedIn like a series of virtual coffee meetings, breaking the ice, building a relationship and warming someone up before you ever ask for anything.

  • LinkedIn Messaging offers real-time conversations with the new message CHAT feature.

Because LinkedIn has revamped its 1-on-1 messaging system to look and feel like a live chat or text message exchange, it’s easy to “chat up” new connections in a fun and friendly manner. In fact, LinkedIn has even added an “Active Now” feature that displays a green dot next to a connection who is logged in and using the platform at that very moment, making it even easier to generate real-time, back-and-forth conversations!

  • With all forms of marketing, the key is to ask for permission!

What I like to do after “warming up” a new connection with a bit of personal chatter is send a pre-written letter of introduction “explaining how you help people like them”!  However, instead of just throwing a link into a message, I first ask if my new connection would be interested in learning more.  Share a link to a valuable industry news story.  I also ask for their feedback on the topic and stress that I’d love to hear their thoughts on it as well.

  • LinkedIn really is the “Land of Digital Opportunity”

In my experience, there is no faster way to build your brand, generate quality leads and build your business online (assuming you have a B2B focus or want to reach specific types of professionals).