The Linkedin Professor – 60 Minute Linkedin Tune-Up

Suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced users – we make this fast, simple and easy!

Are you a “new hire” just entering the industry – who needs to grow their business?

  1. Objective: Learn new tips, tricks, and techniques to generate more business from Linkedin
  2. Goal: Turn your Linkedin Account into a B2B business referral engine in just minutes a day
  3. Benefit: Become “top of mind” with your network to generate more leads, prospects, and new customers

Each “one on one” private session is customized for your markets and unique business requirements.

Using a desktop sharing application – I can view your Linkedin Account and guide you through the changes.

*Schedule additional sessions to review topics anytime or simply to get a refresher!

Select from the following topics – or I can guide you through the most important steps based on your personal business goals and objectives:

  • FREE Prospect Lists – use advanced search criteria to target business referral partners
    • This prospect list is emailed to you FREE each week!
    • (Grow your network, increase referrals)
  • “Get Introduced” – learn the proper techniques [with an 84% success rate] of connecting with your prospects!
    • (Do not spam – or your account may be suspended on Linkedin)
  • Letter of Introduction – ask your network to introduce you –
    • include attachments using the Linkedin messaging system
    • guaranteed delivery of your email message – will not end up in as junk mail!
  • Linkedin ProFinder – Get FREE leads in your INBOX!
  • Linkedin Profile Review Important Details to optimize – stand out from the competition!
    • Add Keywords and Keyword Phrases to get top search rankings
    • Headline – Cover Photo – Executive Summary – Contact Information – Certifications/License Info
  • Linkedin Custom Landing Page URL – how to create one, use it everywhere!
  • Recommendations and Testimonials – using the “@” to “tag” business partners.
  • Linkedin Groups – have your message be seen by thousands for FREE
  • Linkedin FREE Account VS. Linkedin (PAID) or Premium Accounts which one is right for me?
    • Sales Navigator VS. Business Plus
  • Automate/Schedule Social Media Posts using Buffer – how to set up
  • Learn how to use Google Alerts – share relevant news stories with your network. (post a link)
  • Linkedin Mobile Apps – how to use properly – post multiple photos OR video
  • Linkedin Homepage – What to post (not to post) vs Write an Article
  • Company Pages – the basics of how they work, who should create one
  • Linkedin Social Selling (what is it, how does it work?) – ask your network to help refer you business
  • Privacy Settings, Compliance, and regulatory concerns addressed
  • and much, much more!

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